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Debt Settlement

Debt Settlement

Choose Us To Be Your Debt Settlement Lawyer in Los Angeles Today.

Not everyone needs or wants to file bankruptcy. At Chekian Law, we help people with non-bankruptcy alternatives, using the tool of debt settlement. Why not just file insolvency with a bankruptcy lawyer in Orange County instead of paying money to settle a debt? Some people just abhor the idea of filing bankruptcy for personal or moral reasons. Others may have large assets which could be seized by a bankruptcy trustee which can be halted with a stop foreclosure attorney in Los Angeles. Others do not like the public nature of bankruptcy. Some people may just have a small problem debt that does not justify the drastic step of a bankruptcy. It could be that your income is too high to qualify for a bankruptcy. Other roadblocks to bankruptcy could be recent transfers to family or friends. Sometimes the protection of jointly held assets and businesses prevents the prospect of a clean, hassle free bankruptcy.

For any of these reasons, our clients hire us for debt settlement issues. Settle your lawsuit, get rid of your judgment, erase your credit card, handle tax problems, strip your mortgage, all for pennies on the dollar, in monthly payments or for a lump sum. Here are some examples of how we help our clients.

Lawsuit Settlement.

You may have been served with a lawsuit, but you don’t want the time or expense of hiring a Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer in Los Angeles to represent you all the way through trial. We can obtain extensions of time to respond to the complaint or ghostwrite responses to the complaint for you. We can guide you about how to get waivers of expensive filing fees. We can respond to discovery if you get served with requests for documents or interrogatories. We can interview you and get the required information and documents to form your defense, so we can convince the other side to come down in their demand, or even dismiss the lawsuit. As a well-known bankruptcy lawyer in Los Angeles, we can use the threat of bankruptcy to get you a low and affordable settlement. No attorneys for bankruptcy want to spend time and money litigating a case, only to have the defendant file bankruptcy. Contact a Chapter 11 bankruptcy attorney today to find out how you can use this very powerful tool.

Judgment Elimination.

Do you have a problem with an old judgment? They can be pesky things. In California, judgments grow at 10% interest per annum, are valid for 10 years, and can be renewed for an additional 10 years after that. With a judgment against you, wages can be levied, real estate can be liened, and wages can be garnished. Get rid of these cancerous lawsuit judgments forever! For a reasonable flat fee, Chekian Law can help you. We use the following tools to do so: our great reputation as bankruptcy specialists who erase judgments, our ability to tactfully show the other side that you have minimal assets and income, our patience and politeness with collection agencies and their lawyers, and our gentle powers of persuasion. All of these skills combine to get you the lowest settlement for a reasonable fee.

Erase Credit Card Debt.

Embarrassing phone calls during your lunch with friends. Annoying letters from bill collectors. Emails reminding you to pay or deal with the dire consequences. You are scared with nowhere to run. Old credit card debt gets passed around from collection agency to collection agency like a hand me down suit. At Chekian Law, our stop foreclosure attorney in Orange County speaks the language of the collection agents. We know the tricks of the trade. We’re not scared of them, so you don’t have to be either. Imagine being able to sleep at night because you just hired a Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer in Orange County from Chekian Law for a reasonable flat fee; Chekian Law is your buffer between you and the bill collector, and Michael Chekian and his staff are skillfully working to get you the best settlement deal. Now you can sleep at night, enjoy your day, and smile again.

Eliminate Taxes.

Damn Uncle Sam! You love America, but sometimes the I.R.S. can just be nasty, and the Franchise Tax Board is no dream either. What options do you have? Sometimes it’s hard to figure out a plan of attack. Let us do it for you. Whether it’s a lump sum offer in compromise you want, or just a payment plan, we can negotiate a deal for you that’s doable, get you back on track, and give you advice for the future, all for a reasonable flat fee.

Mortgage Strip and Mortgage Lien Stripping:

You had to get that new backyard patio deck and pay for your daughter’s wedding. You took that second mortgage or equity line out on your house to pay for it. Your backyard looks great and your daughter had a joyous wedding at the country club. You kept up the payments for a few years, but stopped a few years back. You tried a loan modification but that didn’t work. We can rescue you. Ask us and you may qualify for a “no result no fee” agreement. Kiss that second mortgage goodbye forever.

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