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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Why We Love Chapter 7 (and You Should Too):

At Chekian Law, we love Chapter 7 bankruptcies and you should too.  Why? Because, when properly and professionally planned out and prepared, it is the quickest, most efficient, least stressful and least expensive way to eliminate debt.  Period, end of story, nothing else comes close.  In as little as 3 ½ months, you can file and finish your chapter 7 case and wipe out credit cards, pay day loans, judgments, medical bills, some income taxes, personal loans, car repossession debts, overpayment of unemployment benefits, and more.  But wait, there’s more.  You can also get a breather from having to deal with certain debts and property recovery actions which may survive bankruptcy such as student loans, newer income tax debt, foreclosures, evictions and repossessions.  So you can walk away from your Chapter 7 with little or no debt, more easily deal with the remaining debt you have to pay back, and start building your financial wealth for the rest of your life.  Contact Chekian Law Office today to discuss whether Chapter 7 or a stop foreclosure attorney in Orange County is the right fit for you.  We have affordable multi-tier pricing schedules which may surprise you.  Email debt settlement lawyer in Los Angeles Michael Chekian for a personal response:

What Is Chapter 7?

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a process embodied in Title 11 of the United States Code.  It promotes the American notion (since followed by other nations) that individuals and companies who are honest but unfortunate debtors should not be unduly punished for not being able to repay their debts.  Rather, the qualified debtor can get a fresh financial start by properly applying for and completing the Chapter 7 bankruptcy process.  Better yet, you can have substantial assets which you can protect and keep while going through the Chapter 7 process, and still wipe out all the debt which you cannot afford to pay back.  Assets are protected by bankruptcy exemptions.  Chapter 7 filers in California can use state created bankruptcy exemptions which (thanks to our sympathetic and liberal legislature) are among the most generous in all of United States.  This means that in a Chapter 7, you can keep almost unlimited amounts of typical household goods, retirement, IRA’s, and additionally approximately $30,000 in other items such as cash, money in the bank, jewelry, equity in cars, toys and collections, income tax refunds, and many other items.  Call us today for a personalized evaluation by an experienced bankruptcy lawyer, toll free at 877 243 5529.

What Are The Dangers of Chapter 7?

Chapter 7 can be a dream or a nightmare.  This is why you need a qualified bankruptcy lawyer in Los Angeles to evaluate your case before “greenlighting” a filing.  There are many urban myths about bankruptcy, such as you can pick and choose which debts to list, you do not have to list your spouse’s assets if s/he does not file with you, you do not have to list all your assets especially if they are overseas, you can transfer or give away assets right before filing so no one can touch them, and you can just dismiss your bankruptcy after filing if things go sideways.  All of these urban myths are false, false, false.  Here at Chekian Law, we take on many cases to fix the mistakes of inexperienced lawyers and persons who represent themselves in ill-conceived bankruptcies.  When bankruptcies are filed and assets are not listed or not properly protected, the bankruptcy trustee can sue the filer to sell assets, to recover transferred items and to deny bankruptcy discharges.  Creditors can also sue bankruptcy filers for debts they think are based in fraud and those debts can survive bankruptcy if a judge agrees that they are fraud based debts.  For all of these reasons, you need to contact certified bankruptcy lawyer in Orange County Michael Chekian for a free consultation.  Mike can quickly identify potential problem areas and tell you if Chapter 7 is the right choice for you or if working with either a stop foreclosure attorney in Los Angeles or a Chapter 11 bankruptcy attorney will be better for you.  The consultation is free, so there is no reason not to contact us today to confidentially evaluate your situation for free.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer in Los Angeles.

Why don’t you contact us today?  We are responsive by phone, email and possibly even Morse Code!  We love helping people and companies recover from financial distress.  There is always a solution, and whether the problem is big or small, whether you hire us or not, we take pride and pleasure in helping you out.  Chekian Law Office, main office in West Los Angeles, and satellite offices in Glendale, downtown Los Angeles, Long Beach, LAX area, South Bay, Woodland Hills, Westlake Village and Valencia.  Lose weight today, the weight of your crushing debt.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer in Orange County.

Ever evolving and improving Orange County, also known as “God’s Country”, is one of the most sought after places to live and visit in all of United States.  We want to help you fulfill your dreams of success, happiness and family bliss for years to come.  We understand everyone has money problems from time to time; let us help you turn the mountain of worry into a minor speed bump in your life.  We’ve got meeting room locations in Orange, Costa Mesa, Irvine, and Laguna Hills, and are happy to meet you there for a free consultation.
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