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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer


Michael Chekian of Chekian Law Office is a top level Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer in Los Angeles and Orange Counties.  Michael combines experience and knowledge of the law to get you your best result in your Chapter 13 case.  Always on top of the latest developments in the law, the attorneys for bankruptcy at Chekian Law Office know how to restructure your “good” debt, while getting rid of your “bad” debt.

For example, you can file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy with a stop foreclosure attorney in Los Angeles to prevent your principal residence from being sold, avoid judgment liens on your residence, strip off unsecured junior mortgages, and catch up on the arrears on your first mortgage.  Depending on your income, you can also eliminate and pay little or nothing on credit cards, older tax debt, medical bills, vehicle loan deficiencies, and the like.  Thus, you can emerge from a successful Chapter 13 current on your mortgage debt, with far more equity in your home, and unburden yourself from your other bills.

In a Chapter 13 reorganization, you are required to commence monthly plan payments 30 days from filing, to pay off debt that you either have to pay back (like mortgages and vehicle loans), or that you are required to pay back because it is deemed “priority” debt (such as income tax and domestic support arrears).  Depending on your income, you may have to pay back some portion of your “non priority” debt, which includes credit cards, medical bills and unsecured judgments.

The typical plan term length is 36 to 60 months, and 60 months is the maximum plan term.  If you are attempting to retain your home and cure mortgage arrears, you are also typically required to resume regular monthly mortgage payments the month after the case is filed, and also to keep up current property tax and home insurance payments.  For those who are falling far behind on mortgage payments, cannot refinance or modify their loans and are facing foreclosure, Chapter 13 can be an attractive alternative.  It is designed to give you relief, to catch your breath, and stop the whirlwind of crushing debt which is working against you.  Contact our debt settlement lawyer in Los Angeles today to see if we can help you.  Chekian Law Office:, or toll free at 877-243-5529.

We charge affordable fees for Chapter 13, a substantial portion of which is financed within the bankruptcy upon court approval.  You can even get a payment “holiday”, if emergency circumstances arise during your case and your fall behind on the problem payments.  What sets Chekian Law Office apart from other Chapter 13 lawyers is that we clearly explain everything to you beforehand, so you know what to expect at every step of the process.

Before you hire us, we give you a clear idea of what can be accomplished in the Chapter 13 reorganization, what payments will be required of you (including a plan payment estimate), and what can and cannot be wiped out.  Once the case is filed, we give you instructions for the hearing you will attend with Michael Chekian or one of the other attorneys at the office.  Before and after the case is confirmed or approved, we tell you what to do and what to expect.

Michael Chekian and his office are also expert at Chapter 13 motions.  Some examples of Chapter 13 motions are:  a motion for relief from bankruptcy stay if you fall behind on mortgage payments, a motion to approve refinancing or sale of your residence, a motion to strip a mortgage or judgment off of your house, a motion to dismiss your case for late plan payments, and a motion to suspend or modify the plan because of changed circumstances.  Michael Chekian is expert at handling all of these motions and has an excellent reputation with judges, and creditor attorneys.  Contact Michael Chekian, bankruptcy lawyer in Orange County today to see how he can help you.  The consultation is free:; 310 390-5529.


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