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Bankruptcy Lawyer


At Chekian Law Office, we aim to be your go-to attorneys for bankruptcy. We are a full service bankruptcy law firm, and you can contact us for any debt issue. Our debt settlement lawyer in Los Angeles is adept at finding solutions whether it involves filing a bankruptcy or not.

Michael Chekian leads the firm, and he was awarded a certified bankruptcy specialist designation by the California State Bar. As such, he is a premier Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer in Los Angeles. Michael is also a well-respected and a top echelon Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer in Orange County.

When you hire Chekian Law Office for your matter, the stellar reputation of the firm is so important, because it opens doors and creates opportunities with potentially adverse parties like opposing counsel, bankruptcy trustees, creditors, debtors, other bankruptcy professionals and their lawyers.

Why You Should Choose Us To Be Your Attorneys for Bankruptcy:

At Chekian Law Office, we have a team of attorneys who personally work on your case, from the time you first contact the firm, during any consultation you may have, in the hiring process, and of course in the actual substantive work of your case. Expect Michael or other attorney personnel to expertly draft bankruptcy petitions and schedules, research and write briefs, negotiate settlements and loan workouts, make compelling arguments to judges and juries in the courthouse, and notify you of the great work and results we strive to get for you. We also have highly trained and closely monitored support staff to take care of the day to day, non attorney work. Our great support staff helps keep costs down for our clients, and helps the attorneys focus on the specialized work required for each case.

Most importantly, the hallmark of the firm is transparency and communication. You are never left in the dark, wondering what is going on with your case. You always know where you stand, what the issues are, what is expected of us and what we expect from you. We are big believers in giving you “to do” lists, because we need your help to prevail, and that usually involves you giving us information and documents, such as paycheck stubs, tax returns, creditor information, and the like. You will never feel overwhelmed by us, just gently guided towards a positive result.

Why We Should Be Your Bankruptcy Lawyer in Los Angeles:

You are blessed to live in the City of Angels, and most people here have the enviable lifestyle to match. It’s no wonder why we have booming tourism and a huge amount of transplanted people from all over the country and the globe. It’s easy to live beyond your means, chase your dreams, and then stumble financially in Los Angeles. That’s where we come in. We are here to get you “unstuck” from credit cards, pay day loans medical bills, lawsuits, liens, bank levies and wage garnishments. If you are being made to forcibly relinquish your real or personal properties by creditors, our stop foreclosure attorney in Los Angeles can keep a sale from happening.

How We Can Serve As Your Bankruptcy Lawyer in Orange County:

Life in Orange County is awesome. Who doesn’t like big wide parking spaces, fresh air, world renowned beaches and surf breaks, premier shopping at South Coast Plaza, the burgeoning Segerstrom Center for the Arts, world class restaurants with breathtaking ocean views, safe streets, and enviable public schools and universities. With all this going on, it’s easy to let your finances get away from you. That’s when you contact Chekian Law Office for a stop foreclosure attorney in Orange County to help you by putting a stop to foreclosure sales on your properties. Our Chapter 11 bankruptcy attorney has meeting room locations throughout Orange County, in city of Orange, Costa Mesa, Irvine and Laguna Hills.

To all you “stuck” Angelinos, contact us today and feel the stress and worries melt away.
(310) 390-5529– Voice Live.
877 243 5529 – Toll free
800 592 5124 – 24 Hour Recorded Bankruptcy Information Line.

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