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Welcome to Chekian Law Office, a full service bankruptcy law firm serving clients in all aspects of debt issues throughout California, focusing on Southern California cases, with office locations throughout the Los Angeles, Orange, and San Bernardino counties. Reach out to us today and expect a quick drop in your blood pressure as we explain how to solve your debt problems, in plain English.

This law firm was founded in 1993 by attorney Michael Chekian. Mike is a knowledgeable and experienced bankruptcy lawyer in Los Angeles. In addition to being a nice, polite guy who will make you feel at ease, he is a certified bankruptcy specialist with the California State Bar. Mike really cares about his clients and earns their trust by offering free consultations, being very transparent about the affordable fees and costs, and by helping his clients understand the pros and cons of their bankruptcy options.

Filing for bankruptcy can be a very intimidating process, and hiring the right attorney can make the difference between getting complete financial relief or further damaging your financial situation by not wiping out debt and having a bankruptcy trustee sell your assets.

Understanding your bankruptcy options is key, whether you are a creditor or debtor, individual or a company. Bankruptcy is not always the best option. Michael Chekian can quickly spot issues with his expertise and experience, sees the big picture, and gives individuals and businesses advice, uniquely tailored to their particular situations.

Southern California is the bankruptcy filing capital of the United States, with a particularly intense concentration of cases in Los Angeles County and Orange County. There is a good reason for this; we enjoy beautiful weather, easy access to beaches, ski slopes, and every form of entertainment imaginable. Los Angeles County and Orange County are in the heart of Southern California, a dynamic area with thousands of businesses and individuals going through insolvency, seeking help from bankruptcy specialists. If you are an individual currently experiencing insolvency issues, call Michael Chekian, your trusted Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer in Orange County.

Southern California is a fast paced environment and you could succeed and make a fortune, but, it’s also easy to fall off the financial wagon and get stuck in downward spiral of debt problems. Next, the “domino effect” occurs and your financial problems take a crippling effect on your relationships with family and friends, your energy level, your mood, and your entire outlook on life. This is why it is so critical to attack your financial problems with an experienced bankruptcy attorney such as Michael Chekian, who can quickly determine whether filing bankruptcy is the right option for you or your company. Seek relief with a Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer in Los Angeles and find yourself experiencing less financial distress.

Persons and companies reach out to Chekian Law Office when they have credit card and payday loan problems, tax issues, have been served with a lawsuit, are facing a wage garnishment when an old judgment comes to light, a lien on property, or a levy on a bank account. Other problems requiring a consultation with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer in Orange County are  evictions, debt problems involving divorce, sudden illness and job loss, gambling related debts, investments that go sideways and the loss of a loved one who previously provided for the family. You can keep from relinquishing your real and personal properties with the help of a stop foreclosure attorney in Los Angeles.

Creditors have problems related to debt as well, and Chekian Law Office is experienced in helping creditors maximize return when their vendors or customers file for bankruptcy. A stop foreclosure attorney in Orange County can help you gain relief from a bankruptcy stay, to continue with a state court lawsuit, and to complete an eviction. Other bankruptcy options for creditors requiring an experienced Chapter 11 bankruptcy attorney include filing objections to claims, filing lawsuits to determine debts which won’t be wiped out in bankruptcy, filing proofs of claim, or defending lawsuits by a bankruptcy trustee to recover money in a debtor’s bankruptcy case.

If you, your company, or a loved one have any of these issues, you owe it to yourself to reach out to the attorneys for bankruptcy at Chekian Law Office for a free consultation today.
Expect to feel relief, guided, and on the path to solving your financial problems with a debt settlement lawyer in Los Angeles.

Chekian Law Office and Michael Chekian can be reached at
877 243 5529 (toll free);
310 390 5529
Toll free bankruptcy warning message (24 Hours) 800 CHEKLAW or 800 592 5124.
Main office address:
11400 W. Olympic Blvd.,
Ste. 200, Los Angeles,
CA 90064.

Other meeting locations throughout Southern California, including Long Beach, LAX area, Glendale, Orange, Irvine, Ontario, Woodland Hills and Westlake Village.

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